Top 7 Funky Finger Drumming Routines

funky finger drumming

Here’s our list of the best funky finger drumming routines we have found online. Have we missed anything amazing off of our list? Let us know HERE.

7. James Brown – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (DJ Chamber Re-Drum)

(2014) – Chamber takes on a classic from James Brown’s (and all with just one hand) using Native Instruments Maschine Studio.

6. jim diGGler – Funky Drummer

(2013) – Next on our list is this original tune from jim diGGler. Using both AKAI MPC Renaissance and Native Instruments Maschine, he kills it with this performance.

5. JBlack – Showtime

(2016) – JBlack uses the Akai MPC 2500 to craft his own live funky hip-hop beats in this performance. And we love the way he just can’t stop smiling while he does it.

4. The junk-E-cat – Prisma

The junk-E-cat lays down a dope rooftop groove.For more finger drumming videos, check out https://welovefingerdrumming.comAnd for more junk-E-Cat, check out his Instagram at

Gepostet von Finger Drumming am Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

(2016) – Another great funky performance here. This time, the junk-E-cat takes to the rooftops with this beat played on Native Instruments Maschine Mikro.

3. Cee-Roo – The Squeak Of The Week 6

The legendary Cee-Roo doing what he does best!For more finger drumming videos, check out

Gepostet von Finger Drumming am Montag, 20. März 2017


(2013) This amazing track was performed on Akai MPC 2000XL, Novation Impulse 25, Midi Fighter Classic & Akai MPD 24.

2. David ‘Fingers’ Haynes – Maschine Drum Performance

(2010) – Another incredible funky jazzy performance made using Native Instruments Maschine and a whole lot of skill! Mr Haynes, we salute you.

1. Jeremy Ellis – Maschine Mikro Performance

(2011) – Finally, this video is still the best example of funky finger drumming we have found online. Another amazing performance by the insanely talented Jeremy Ellis using only the Native Instruments Maschine Mikro.  For more information and a full breakdown of this video, click HERE.

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