Lesson 9: Ride Cymbals

What is a Ride Cymbal?

Ride cymbals (or ‘rides’) are similar in appearance and sound to crash cymbals, though they create a shorter, softer sound.

Whereas a crash cymbal is generally used to accentuate changes in a piece of music, a ride cymbal is more often used to create a steady beat.

We recommend placing your ride cymbal on the top row of pads in the top right corner:

A common way to play the ride cymbal would be on the first beat of every bar, as shown below:

Adding in ride cymbals is a great way to vary up a finger drumming performance. You can play 8 bars of a drumbeat with no ride cymbals, then add a ride cymbal on the first beat of each bar (without making any other changes to the drum beat) for the next 8 bars to create a sense of progression in your drumming.

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