Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Drum Kit

The way to do this depends on your equipment setup. Below we will show how to setupĀ MaschineĀ drum kits. Loading/setting up drum sounds should be similar whichever hardware you use.

Load a Drum Kit in Maschine

Here’s a quick tutorial video showing how to load a drum kit in Maschine:

Velocity – Fixed vs. Non-Fixed

You may notice when you press the pads on your controller, the harder you press, the louder the sound. In music production, this is called velocity. You may find it significantly easier to use fixed velocity when finger drumming. This way, you only need to focus on which pads to press, and not how hard to press them. There will still be ways to play drums softer/at a lower volume (for ghost notes etc) which we will discuss later.

Here’s a video from ADSR showing how to set your velocity sensitivity to fixed using Maschine Studio:

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