Lesson 11: Ghost Notes

What are Ghost Notes?

Ghost notes are more lightly hit than normal drum hits. They add variation to drum patterns, rather than having every drum struck at roughly the same velocity each time. Typically, ghost notes are played on a snare drum but they can be played on any drum in the kit. Ghost notes also sound great when used to create short drum rolls.

How to Play Ghost Notes on Maschine?

This is how we recommend setting up your Maschine drum kit for ghost notes:

1. Select your Kick, Snare, Closed Hi-Hat and Open Hi-Hat by holding down the shift button and clicking each one. Right-click any of the selected sounds and choose Copy:

2. Select the empty pad 5 by right-clicking it. Choose Paste:

3. With all 4 new pads still selected, turn the volume dial for any one of them to “12 o’clock”:

Now your pad layout should appear as follows:

Here’s a pattern played with ghost notes. Using ghost notes gives a very natural and varied feel to finger drumming patterns:

Congratulations! You have completed our Beginners Guide to Finger Drumming! You should now be clued up on all the basic drum theory and setup knowledge you need to start learning patterns with ease. The next step we recommend is learning/practicing some of our Practice Patterns.

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