Jeremy Ellis – Maschine Mikro Performance

Jeremy Ellis – Native Instruments Promo Video (2011)
Performed on Native Instruments Maschine Mikro.

About the Performance

This is one of our favorite finger drum performance videos of all time. This video, more than any other, inspired WeLoveFingerDrumming founder DJ Chamber to start learning to finger drum back in 2014.

Jeremy Ellis uses a wide array of horn samples, drum sounds, scratch samples and percussion elements to keep this routine feeling varied and fresh throughout. Also, watch out for his clever use of longer vocal samples such as ‘What was that? An exhibition.’ to transition between groups (which takes two button clicks on the Maschine Mikro). Ellis also wows us with his lightning fast variation of time signatures towards the end of this routine.

About Jeremy Ellis

Jeremy Ellis has been playing the piano since he was 3 years old. He also grew up performing on drums in marching bands. Ellis has stated that he always strives to be “the best version of Jeremy [he] can be”. This is very clearly reflected in his incredible finger drumming performances. Ellis is also notable for often using two Maschines at once while performing (with one hand operating each Maschine).

About the Equipment

One of the most incredible things about this performance is its relatively basic equipment setup. Performed solely on the Native Instruments Maschine Mikro, Ellis pushes the 16 pads to their limits, creating an incredible soundscape.

jeremy ellis

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