JBlack – Showtime Performance

JBlack – Showtime Performance (2016)

Performed using Akai MPC 2500.

About the Performance

JBlack Showtime sees the artist effortlessly blend between his homemade beats in this epic performance video/beat tape. Fast drumming fingers and smooth soulful melodies combine to make something quite special. JBlack’s technique has his left-hand triggering kick and snare drums while the right triggers the hi-hats. Also underlying his drum patterns are single longer samples which provide the backing track for his drums. Furthermore, the clever use of lengthy transition samples allows him to switch between beats with ease.

About JBlack

This young producer never stops smiling during his performance videos. JBlack aka Jimmy Stanford has quickly amassed a huge social media following and tours regularly performing finger drumming shows across America. Keep an eye on JBlack, we predict great things for this young star in the future.

About the Equipment

This performance video shows JBlack using his Akai MPC 2500 to craft these beautifully soulful laid back grooves.

jblack showtime

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