Finger Drumming Setups

finger drumming setup

One thing that attracts many artists to learn finger drumming is its flexibility and the multitude of ways it can be used. Whether you plan to use finger drumming alone or in a group context, we have written a guide to some of the most popular setups where finger drumming can be incorporated.


The most common type of finger drumming setup artists widely use is a solo performance. This can work whether they are playing full routines on their finger drum controllers or DJing and adding finger drummed elements on top. Some performers even add other instruments to their live setups as well as the finger drumming equipment.

Example: Jeremy Ellis Maschine Mikro Performance

With a DJ/DJs

For a truly visual and unique performance, many DJs have been teaming up with finger drummers to add extra spice to performances. Finger drummers performing alongside DJs can add an extra layer of drums, extra vocal samples, or melodies/basslines. This setup allows for many possibilities solo performers could not achieve alone (e.g. scratching over a finger drummed beat). This style of finger drumming setup is steadily gaining popularity.

Example: Dirtyphonics Live at Jungle Juice

With other Finger Drummers

Finger drumming alongside other finger drummers can create an interesting interplay between performers. However, this takes some pre-planning or designating each performer to a certain role in the composition. When executed well, this creates a highly visual and technical performance.

Example: The Trickaz – Pushing More Buttons

With a Band/Live Musicians

A newer technique increasingly being used by musicians is to have a finger drummer play as part of a band. This also makes setup much simpler for venues with no drum kit. Some bands would also use a finger drummer instead of a keyboard player or bassist. We expect to see a lot more of live music incorporating finger drummers in the near future.

Example: Dark Sky Live Boiler Room Set

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