Nick Boundy, better-known by his stage name M4SONIC, is an Australian electronic music producer, DJ and controllerist who is signed to Sony / Ultra Music. He also co-produced (with Stargate) the Ylvis comedy rap song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?).


With a background in classical piano, this young producer discovered finger drumming after reading an interview with DeadMau5 slating modern day DJs as “glorified button pushers”. And so, determined to put skill back into electronic music performance, he purchased a Novation Launchpad the next day.


His first big YouTube hit was titled ‘Weapon‘. The mashup contains short samples from 15 of his favourite tracks (from artists such as Skrillex, Nero and DeadMau5). The video accumulated over 1 million views in under a week. Furthermore, it currently holds well over 40 million views on YouTube.


He has since accumulated well over 85 million views on his YouTube channel with his finger drumming performance videos. Furthermore, M4SONIC has also toured across America, Asia, Europe and Australia and played huge events including Tomorrow World, Stereosonic, Life Is Beautiful and the 2015 Warped Tour.

From: USA.

Check out his featured performance video – ‘Weapon’ – here.

Preferred setup: Novation Launchpad Pro

M4SONIC on: Facebook / Youtube

M4SONIC in the studio.

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The junk-E-cat


“The junk-E-cat is a Berlin based pet / monster / beatsmith, creating and producing his music on the fly and in realtime. Equipped with a mask, a onesie, a Maschine and a bunch of reed instruments, junk-E-cat plays with an electroacoustic sound merging different genres and techniques like live looping, finger drumming, horn arrangements and soloing. Just another guy with a mask.”

From: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Check out our featured junk-E-cat performance video here.

Preferred setup: Native Instruments Maschine Mikro

The junk-E-cat on: Facebook / Instagram

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