Zedd – Spektrum (KDrew Remix) (Nev Launchpad Cover)

Zedd – Spektrum (KDrew Remix) (Nev Launchpad Cover) (2014)

Performed using 2x  Novation Launchpads

About the Performance

An incredible performance here from Nev, teaming up with an ‘evil clone’ of himself. Nev also makes great use of the Launchpad’s programmable light up pads, In addition to being a great sounding performance, the beautiful accompanying animated light show also adds visual appeal. The symmetry of the pad lights also gives a great mirror image effect throughout this video.

About Nev

Nev is somewhat of an enigma. Releasing very few details of his life publicly, an air of mystery surrounds this artist. Furthermore, every performance video of his has the camera focused on his hands, never showing his face. However, with a quarter of a million page Likes on Facebook and over half a million subscribers on Youtube, the music first/image second approach to social media seems to be working for him.

About the Equipment

Nev recorded this video in two parts, allowing him to seemingly duet with himself on two Novation Launchpads.

nev launchpad

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