Novation Launchpad Range

Here is our list of high end, mid range and budget Novation Launchpad and Launchkey finger drumming and pad production controllers.

High End Novation Finger Drumming Controllers (over $250)

novation-ableton-launchpad.pngLaunchpad Pro

Mid Range Novation Finger Drumming Controllers ($100-$250)

novation-launchpad-ableton.pngLaunchpad novation-launchpad-s.pngLaunchpad S
launchkey-49-beatmaker.pngLaunchkey 49 launchkey-61-beatmaker.pngLaunchkey 61

Budget Novation Finger Drumming Controllers (under $100)

launchpad-mini-music.pngLaunchpad Mini MK2 launchkey-mini-25.pngLaunchkey Mini 25

The Novation Launchpad and Launchkey series are created for use with Ableton Live software. The original Launchpad hit the shelves in 2009, allowing finger drummers and controllerists access to 64 fully customisable multi-functioning touchpads for the first time. It was one of the worlds first grid-based performance controllers and has become a huge player in the music hardware market.

Novation also make DJ controllers and tools which allow for ‘hot cue jumping’, allowing users to remix tracks live by finger drumming through their custom hot cues.

Famous Launchpad live performers include M4SONIC, R!OT, Chris Rinaldi and Kaskobi.

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