Native Instruments DJ Controller Range

Here is our list of high end, mid range and budget Native Instruments finger drumming enabled DJ controllers.

High end Native Instruments DJ Controllers ($600+)

Native Instruments DJ Controller - Traktor Kontrol S8
Traktor Kontrol S8

Mid range Native Instruments DJ Controllers ($200-$600)

traktor-kontrol-s4.pngTraktor Kontrol S4 traktor-kontrol-d2.pngTraktor Kontrol D2 traktor-kontrol-s2Traktor Kontrol S2

Budget Native Instruments DJ Controllers (Under $200)

traktor-kontrol-f1Traktor Kontrol F1

First of all, Native Instruments are one of the leading brands in finger drumming controllers and groove production studios. Their DJ Controller range is also top of the line. In addition, the controllers include the highly acclaimed Traktor software. ‘NI’  focus on re-imagining DJing with updated technology, rather than simply re-hashing the ‘two turntables and a mixer’ ideas of the past. Traktor Kontrol units are an ideal choice for anyone interested in equal parts in both DJing and controllerism.

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