For absolute beginners, we have made a free Beginners Guide explaining all the music theory, pad setup and technique you will need to get started finger drumming:

Beginners Guide

Lesson 1: Counting Beats & Bars

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Drum Kit

Lesson 3: Kicks, Snares, Straight Beats & Breakbeats

Lesson 4: Closed & Open Hi-Hats

Lesson 5: Quantize & Swing

Lesson 6: Crash Cymbals & Musical Changes

Lesson 7: Finger Placement

Lesson 8: Tom-Toms & Fills

Lesson 9: Ride Cymbals

Lesson 10: Triplets

Lesson 11: Ghost Notes

Advanced Lessons

For more advanced finger drummers, check out this free 24 lesson finger drumming playlist from Jeremy Ellis. You can use this playlist with any controller or app (just position the equivalent drum samples where they have them in the videos).

Here’s another great little tutorial series from Dubspot:

We also recommend the incredible finger drum training tool/app, Melodics. Its free to try.

We have also written a Finger Drumming Setups guide to provide ideas on how finger drumming can be incorporated into various setups (such as alongside live musicians, with other finger drummers or with DJs).

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