Controlless & TurboRat – T3CHNOPHOBE

Controlless and TurboRat – T3CHNOPHOBE! – Dark and dirty drum and bass finger drumming routine! / more finger drumming videos, check out

Gepostet von Finger Drumming am Mittwoch, 29. März 2017

Controlless & TurboRat – T3CHNOPHOBE

Performed using Native Instruments Maschine & Novation Launchpad.

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Zedd – Spektrum (KDrew Remix) (Nev Launchpad Cover)

Zedd – Spektrum (KDrew Remix) (Nev Launchpad Cover) (2014)

Performed using 2x  Novation Launchpads

About the Performance

An incredible performance here from Nev, teaming up with an ‘evil clone’ of himself. Nev also makes great use of the Launchpad’s programmable light up pads, In addition to being a great sounding performance, the beautiful accompanying animated light show also adds visual appeal. The symmetry of the pad lights also gives a great mirror image effect throughout this video.

About Nev

Nev is somewhat of an enigma. Releasing very few details of his life publicly, an air of mystery surrounds this artist. Furthermore, every performance video of his has the camera focused on his hands, never showing his face. However, with a quarter of a million page Likes on Facebook and over half a million subscribers on Youtube, the music first/image second approach to social media seems to be working for him.

About the Equipment

Nev recorded this video in two parts, allowing him to seemingly duet with himself on two Novation Launchpads.

nev launchpad

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David ‘Fingers’ Haynes – Maschine Drum Performance

David ‘Fingers’ Haynes – Maschine Drum Performance (2010)

Performed using Native Instruments Maschine.

About this Performance

This epic routine shows the true diversity of finger drumming whilst also accurately recreating traditional drumming sounds. Blending funk and jazz drumming techniques, David ‘Fingers’ Haynes creates a soundscape indistinguishable from a real drummer. Haynes has incredible skill as well as unique style on the pads.

About David ‘Fingers’ Haynes

This finger drummer has been described as ‘one of the most unique musicians of our time’. He is a grammy nominated drummer who has also toured professionally with some of the biggest musicians in the world. His collaboration list includes Mary J. Blige, Shaka Khan and Frank Ocean. Most of all, finger drumming is what truly sets him apart from other professional drummers. Haynes is currently living in Berlin and also available for one-on-one Skype finger drumming lessons.

About the Equipment

Haynes performs on both the Native Instruments Maschine and the Akai MPC Studio. He favors the MPC Studio which he has also stated is the “most accurate and dynamic pad available on the market”.

david 'fingers' haynes

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Dirtyphonics – Live at Jungle Juice

Dirtyphonics – Live at Jungle Juice (2008)

Performed using 2x Akai MPCs.

About this Performance

This Dirtyphonics live performance shows what can be done when two DJs and two controllerists team up to play live. Impressively tight and always heavy on the bass, these guys wow the crowd whilst performing this brilliantly put together live set. Blending their own productions of drum and bass, dubstep, drumstep and electro-house, each individual artist is in charge of pre-decided elements of each track (with finger drummers generally in charge of synths, basslines and miscellaneous sample triggering).

About Dirtyphonics

Dirtyphonics are a talented group 4 DJs and controllerists from Paris, France. Julien Lignon and Thomas Desbouvrie are the finger drummers of the group. Their career has seen collaborations with the likes of Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, Virtual Riot and Foreign Beggars. They have also produced official remixes for artists such as The Chainsmokers, Skrillex, Kaskade, Nero, The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki.

About the Equipment

As well as using 2x Akai MPCs and various turntables and mixers, Dirtyphonics utilise the Korg Kaoss pad mk3 for adding effects and live looping to their sets.

dirtyphonics live at jungle juice

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JBlack – Showtime Performance

JBlack – Showtime Performance (2016)

Performed using Akai MPC 2500.

About the Performance

JBlack Showtime sees the artist effortlessly blend between his homemade beats in this epic performance video/beat tape. Fast drumming fingers and smooth soulful melodies combine to make something quite special. JBlack’s technique has his left-hand triggering kick and snare drums while the right triggers the hi-hats. Also underlying his drum patterns are single longer samples which provide the backing track for his drums. Furthermore, the clever use of lengthy transition samples allows him to switch between beats with ease.

About JBlack

This young producer never stops smiling during his performance videos. JBlack aka Jimmy Stanford has quickly amassed a huge social media following and tours regularly performing finger drumming shows across America. Keep an eye on JBlack, we predict great things for this young star in the future.

About the Equipment

This performance video shows JBlack using his Akai MPC 2500 to craft these beautifully soulful laid back grooves.

jblack showtime

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M4SONIC – Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup)


M4SONIC – Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup) (2012)

Performed using the Novation Ableton Launchpad Pro.

About this Performance

This epic routine shows M4SONIC mashing up 15 of his favorite electronic music tracks. To create the performance, M4SONIC used split second samples from artists like Skrillex, Nero and Deadmau5. This M4SONIC Weapon performance video is a favorite amongst his fans and has consequently been viewed over 40 million times on YouTube.


Nick Boundy, better-known by his stage name M4SONIC, is an Australian electronic music producer, DJ and controllerist who is also signed to Sony / Ultra Music. He also co-produced (with Stargate) the Ylvis comedy rap song The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?). Furthermore, he has accumulated over 85 million views on his launchpad performance videos on YouTube. As a result, M4SONIC is one of the best-known finger drummers around today. M4SONIC has a strong online following and a loyal fanbase. In addition, his career has seen him tour across America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

About the Equipment

M4SONIC – Weapon was performed with the Novation Ableton Launchpad Pro – We think this is an incredibly impressive performance for such a minimal setup.

m4sonic weapon

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