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What is finger drumming?

Finger drumming is a live music performance technique (combining the skills of a piano player, music producer, and traditional drummer).  Finger drummers use a huge variety of techniques, creating a vast array of sounds. By triggering a selection of samples and synthesizers, finger drummers can create live music compositions.


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Music Styles

The styles of this form of performance are usually based around the live creation of electronic music and hip-hop. The art form, however, is not limited to these genres. The only limits are the creativity and skill of its performers.


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Origins and Growth

The art form initially found its origin as a key element of old school hip-hop music production. In recent years though, it has evolved into an entity all of its own. It has been taking both the internet and music venues around the world by storm.

Artists across the globe have released a large number of viral finger drumming videos in recent years. These videos show off some of the incredible possibilities of finger drumming.

Its popularity continues to grow exponentially. When performed live, it can astound onlookers and music fans, while showing off the creativity, speed, and skill of the performer. Finger drumming is one of the most unique forms of modern day electronic music performance.


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Other Names

Although widely used, finger drumming is not the only name for this artform. Many refer to it as live pad performance, live beat making or ‘controllerism’. Though closely linked and often played by DJs, finger drumming should not be confused with DJing.


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The Future

Whatever you want to call it though, the young scene surrounding this art form is gaining momentum fast. Live beat battles have been popping up around the globe while viral videos continue to spread like wildfire across the net. Also, an increasing number of accomplished DJs have begun using this technique to spice up their DJ sets.

Furthermore, leading companies like AKAI, Native Instruments, Novation and Pioneer continue to release state of the art pad enabled equipment. It is an exciting time for this scene, with a growing fan base and continually improving technology.

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